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[IP] had a really bad night.....now what

Can anyone give me some advice on this?   I can't get in touch w/ my endo.
Last night as I was doing my last bg test before going to bed, I passed out.  
I didn't actuallly get to complete the test so I don't know what my bg was.  
My husband called 911 and as he was talking to them I woke up.  He said I was 
out for about 1-2 minutes.  I checked and my bg was 67.  The EMS people were 
very nice, said I didn't have to go with them if I chose not to, and said to 
be sure to eat and stay awake for at least an hour to monitor my bg.  So 
that's what I did.  Today, I feel like I was hit with a Mack truck and my bg 
has been running in the 200's all day.  

My question is now what?   Did I do the right thing?  How important is it 
that I contact my endo?   I've never been through this in the past 15 years.  
 Any help would be appreciated.                              
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