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Re: [IP] What Color is Your Pump?

Susan K wrote:
> To the adults out there:
> Do very many of you choose the BLUE pumps for yourself --
> or do you mainly leave them for the kids.  I kind of like
> the blue, myself (but I am 47 years old, too).

Well, I just got my blue pump in March and I'm now 49. Guess it's OK
for you to do so too! Why not, everything else cmes in "designer 
colors", why not enjoy t if that's what you want?
> If you don't like the blue pumps, what color do you prefer?
>  I think my decision is getting down to this now.

I've always been partial to blue anyway, think it relates to
the old testing methods I used in the '50s......

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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