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[IP] Russian children

I hope this is ok to post.
My husband and I have three children adopted from Russia and have
been there many times. We sent a fairly large cash donation in 
the spring to Russia with these people but cannot send any right now.
So I was hoping some of you on the list would like to help out.
It seems very awful to die from a lack of insulin ( we also have
an eight year old son dxed at age 2).
Thanks for your prayers or help,
Laurie Holtz

>Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 20:08:12 -0400
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>From: Judith Renwick <email @ redacted>
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>Dear Friends,
>       Because of your past interest in Russian children with diabetes, I
>wanted to tell you of their current situation, and bring you up to date on
>the efforts of Diabetes Youth Foundation of Indiana to help them.
>        The conditions in Russia continue to deteriorate.  Many regions have
>run out of insulin completely.  Others are dispensing only 1 cartridge (130
>units) per person per month.  Children under 16 have priority, but even they
>may get little or none.  The insulin is usually of animal origin, much of it
>domestically produced and of inferior quality.  One of our teens from
>Ekaterinaburg, Russia's third largest city, said "Many children with
>diabetes in my city have died."  His story is corroborarated by a father in
>Moscow who said he has heard of the dangerous shortage of insulin in
>Ekaterinburg. Several months ago, he had heard that in the remote regions
>the only insulin available was of rabbit origin.  
>        DYFI sent a large amount of insulin and strips to the children in
>December, 1998.  In March of this year, Dr. Wentworth traveled to Moscow,
>carrying over $25,000 worth of donated supplies.  While there, he hosted a 5
>day diabetes conference for 70 teens from all over western Russia.  From
>that group, 12 teens were chosen to attend our summer programs in the US.
>They are currently on an 800 mile bicycle trip in Michigan and Wisconsin,
>after attending camp and staying for several weeks with host families.  They
>are scheduled to return to Russia in mid-August.  We are hoping to send them
>home with enough insulin and strips to insure their health and safety for at
>least 6 months, but we can only send as much as we can gather.  We are now
>trying to provide for nearly 100 kids. 
>        If you would like to help in our current efforts, please send, by
>August 10, donations of insulin (H, R, or N), strips (One Touch or Elite),
>or money to buy them, to the following address:
>Russian Kids
>c/o Samuel Wentworth, MD
>1300 East Main
>Danville, IN 46122
>        Whether or not you are able to help at this time, we want to again
>thank you for your concern for these children.
>                                Judith Renwick
>                        Diabetes Youth Foundation of Indiana
>PS For further information, see

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