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Re: [IP] Priming question

> Michael described 3 steps for priming MiniMed pumps,

> The 15 to 20 units it takes to fill a long line was pushed manually
> by MiniMed users at M#1.
> Here for Disetronic, you are still in "STOP" mode. Push "S" button
> once to first symbol on left-side of window, and numbers "9.9" will
> show at bottom of window, with clock-time at top. You now have about
> 8 seconds to start PRIME-function by pushing ALL THREE buttons 
> simultaneously. Repeat as necessary to run motor until you have
> solid liquid filling line all the way to the end and droplets of
> insulin are falling from the needle.
> Usually convenient to stop with "S" button BEFORE the second
> or third "priming" run finishes all 9.9 units.

However the V100+ now performs a 20 unit prime, usually more than 
enough to fill my 31" tubes.

George Lovelace
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