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[IP] Good But BAD night

Wow talk about a GOOD/BAD day.

Today started out to be good I went to help the other graduating nursing 
students set up for our Pinning and started to feel low before lunch 
(around 65 at the time) so we all decided to go out and eat at a new 
Restaurant (Firehouse Grill, which was once an old old old firehouse) I was 
doing great until they pulled out my meal and sat it in front of me I never 
thought they could make a hamburger like that It was about a 6-8oz  (i 
think) rib eye steak on 1/2 of a home made loaf of bread topped with melted 
cheese, bacon, and grilled sweet unions and then topped with the other half 
of the bread loaf..  I think i had that covered but then i thought i should 
try a "Bulldog" after all it was my Graduation today and my B-day 
yesterday  why not i thought.. ha ha  now for the bad news  sugars saying 
around 300,  I have taken about 25 units over half the day extra to try to 
get it down but just checked it still up.  AHHHHH  oh well after the stress 
of today it should Drop...........

LPN CLASSES ARE OVER  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!  1 more year

venting is now over

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