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[IP] water sports and the pump


We have the Lower Colorado River running through central Texas, which is
dammed off every 10 miles or so creating drinking water reservoirs / flood
control / recreational areas.  The topography is hilly and green and
combined with the azure waters, it's picturesque, although the ambient
temperatures are a little extreme on bare skin, e.g., IMO, Texas weather is
either too cold or too hot.

Some of the lakes thus created are 130+ feet deep, which makes for an active
scuba diver community, which largely functions without me.  Many of the
lakes are large enough for 40 foot speedboats as well as slower 60-90 foot
cruise boats.

Last summer I took the family to Lake LBJ (one the former President is
credited with initiating as a congressman), and we rented a wave runner.  I
fearlessly drove that at up to 40 mph wearing my Disetronic in the pocket of
my swim suit.  I never actually fell off!  But I did become rather warm from
being out in the Texas sun for an hour and I jumped in to swim after the
rental was over.

Last September we moved into a home with a swimming pool and I always swim
with my pump in my suit pocket.

I would not hesitate to ski wearing the pump.  A high velocity dunking might
possibly rip an infusion set out but would not harm the pump.

In regard to security of the infusion site, I believe the all around
strongest most comfortable set to be the tender / silhouette /comfort .  No
safety loops, extra tape etc.  The Teflon canula can be touched, bumped,
slept on with little or no discomfort compared with metal needles.

I would make my pump secure, like buttoning it in a pocket or some such.
Otherwise the issue may be losing the pump which would be a bummer, but it
wouldn't harm the Disetronic.

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