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Re: [IP] evening highs?

> >Is it typical to have a constant carb ratio or a varying carb to unit
> >I have heard that there could be a diurnal pattern to insulin performance
> >dropping blood sugars. but it seem logical to have a constant carb to
> >ratio.  Yes, this diabetes and perhaps I should stop trying to apply
> >I am an engineer I don't have many other tools.
> It is Real common to have carb to insulin ratios that vary for the time of
> day and for the time of the month  (for others)  Me my insulin carb ratio
> is higher in the morning than at night unless i work that night..  what
> i say i am ODD..

same for our daughter.
she has a ratio of 1:19 at breakfast and dinner
lunch is almost 1:30  !!!  big difference.  and at lunch she is on a 0.2
basal.  she swims....

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