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Re: [IP] evening highs?


we have the same problem and I just got aggressive with the basals between 8
and midnight.

geneva's basals in the  day are from 0.2 - 0.4  and we are jumping up to
0.7 tonight and I am thinking she will need 0. 8 or 0.9.

good luck..I am tired of testing every hour also during this high night time
period.  (so is she!)
ruth, mom of geneva age 10,  right near you in pleasanton, CA

> We are very new to the pump (Emily 7).  We seem to have the basals for
> morning and afternoon but she sees a spike after dinner.  The last three
> nights she shoots to 300-400 in the evening.  Incorrect bolus for meals,
> maybe.  Need more basal, maybe.  We chase the high with bolus but it does
> not respond, only slows it down.  By 3-6 am it starts to come down after
> calculated attempts to bolus it down.

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