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[IP] Alex is getting his Blue MM on Tuesday!!!!!

Wow are we excited, Aetna said no problem with paying for the durable
medical equipment, only thing left is for them to negotiate a price with
minimed, minimed told me this is no problem since they have a contract
with aetna, so they will deliver pump on Tuesday.  As soon as we get it
we are driving to Indy(2 1/2 hour drive) for our ped.endo appt, staying
overnight and doing pump start-up on Wednesday!!!  Alex is so excited.
He couldn't decide if he wanted the long or short tubing, it seems like
the short would be easier to wear during the day but he seems to think
he would prefer the long for sleeping, so they are sending some of
both.  It will be hard keeping him on a vanilla schedule for the 2 weeks
after the pump because he is so active, at least baseball is over, and
golf league ended this week, now if I can only keep him from swimming in
this heat!  Will have more updates when we return from pump start, and i
am sure many more questions.  Thank you all for your help and patience
with newbies!  This site has been so great and we have learned so much
but soon the real learning begins!

mother of Alex(10) dx'd @ 5

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