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Re: [IP] infection-need advise

> I have been using the pump for about 2 years, I am one of the few
> getting infected sites. i have an infection on my left side so I
> changed my pump to the right side but yesterday it started hurting a
You may be one of those unfortunate souls that is a carrier of staph 
or some other common bacteria. For some people the reside in your 
nasal and sinus cavities and are benign (there). Some additional 
precautions while set changing may help eliminate site infections.

You may get better results if you always change after a shower or at a
minimum, wash the site with soap and water.

Before changing your site or handling ANY of the "stuff" including 
the insulin vial, disposable wipes, etc.... wash your hands. 

Focus on NOT touching your face.... this is really hard to do, most 
people do it all the time and don't realize it. This is probably how 
you are transferring the bacteria to the site. The little "buggers" 
are quite hardy and you can transfer them about to other objects then 
back to your hands and on to the site, etc.....

Now it's ok to handle the "stuff".

Get everything ready and try to concentrate on not touching anything 
unnecessarily, use a fresh paper towel to put thing on -- these are 
very clean according to a WHO study (World Health Organization), 
cleaner than a washed regular towel.

Prep the site as usual. If you don't normally use a Skin Prep, then 
us an IV prep instead. It will sterilize the site without leaving 
sticky as the Skin Prep does.

Hope this helps,
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