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Re: [IP] Help: Sils and Softsets

> What is it that I'm doing wrong? My CDE recommended the softseter
> with softsets but I'm really not ok with it. The softsets seem to be
> too deep and the straw like needle that comes with them doesn't make
> me very happy.

You are not doing anything wrong. It is a learning process to get the 
technique right and tailored for you. The sofsets can be a problem 
for many 'thinner' people. The set of choice if you are thin and for 
most children is the Sil/Tender/Comfort set (3 names one set).

A shallower angle than 45 degrees works better if you are thin, but 
not so shallow that it is only just under the skin. As for sites, the 
4 quadrants surrounding the belly button are used by many. Guys like 
above the belly button, gals below. This is not universal, just an 
informal survey on my part. Some people use them all. Another 'easy' 
spot for the thin crowd and kids is the upper buttocks. A thin slice 
of 'meat' between the top of your hip pocket and the belt line. Not 
far enough down to be over the muscle mass, but low enough to be in 
the "pinch an inch" area that still has some loose flesh and 
underlying fat. 

Basically, you don't ever want to get into muscle tissue or the 
'meat' below the skin. You want to stay in the intermediate layer of 
fatty tissue just beneath the skin that sheaths the muscle.

Hope this helps

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