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Re: [IP] setting basals...we are confused!

> I would like to know how many basals people are programming.
See the chart on the ABOUT page of the web site

most pumpers have 3

My daughter has 4, but one is a dummy from midnight to one that 
carries over the evening rate.

> the endo. group told me that it is better to have an almost even 
> basal number throughout the 24 hr. period and control blood sugars
> with the bolus , specifically the carb ration bolus. so, now, we do

Naw, that's not right. But... you generally only need a basal change 
do to a "mode" change in the manner you are living. My limited 
experience with one kid would set 4 as about the max.

one for dawn at some time in the early morning. One for afternoon, 
one for bed time, and of course the midnight setting which is always 

I suggest you read the HOWTO's on ratios, profiles, etc... on the 
HOWTO page of the web site and try the profile tool to help with 
adjustments. Don't get carried away with too many basals. A steady 
slow rise of bg, particularly at night is not bad. My daughter is set 
to rise 40-50 points thru the night. This helps immensly on those 
days when there has been "extra" activity or a miscalculated dinner 
bolus and she wakes in the night with a bg of 40 or less. Think what 
it would have been otherwise!!!

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