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Re: [IP] evening highs?

At 02:48 PM 7/30/99 , you wrote:
>my first day on the pump (minimed) will be august 8th.    i'm excited, but a
>little nervous too!!      my question is i've heard of some people putting it
>on the nightstand when they sleep.     i am not a "quiet" sleeper!   has
>anyone had a kink or accident with their pump falling?
>since this is all so new to me, i hope it's not a dumb question!!     bear
>with me.


It's not a stupid question  just remember  "the only stupid question is the 
one that is not asked"

Me  I am not a sound sleeper  The first few nights i guarantee that you 
will sleep in the same spot all night same as i did.  After that I tried 
several things but now i just toss it in bed with me and it fallows me 
threw all the twists and turns.. i have found it handing over the side of 
the bed and I have even JUMPED out of bed and forgot to grab it  (until of 
course until i ran out of slack then i remembered).  I have not had a 
single set come out while i sleep or anything happen to the pump.

but of course YMMV.

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