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[IP] evening highs?

We are very new to the pump (Emily 7).  We seem to have the basals for
morning and afternoon but she sees a spike after dinner.  The last three
nights she shoots to 300-400 in the evening.  Incorrect bolus for meals,
maybe.  Need more basal, maybe.  We chase the high with bolus but it does
not respond, only slows it down.  By 3-6 am it starts to come down after two
calculated attempts to bolus it down.  

Could her carb ratio be changing in the evening and night?  Mornings are
190pts/1u & 30C/unit.  When she was on MI the mornings were the insulin
resistant time not the evenings.  Evenings were 100pts/1u  now it appears
that it may be greater than the morning ratio.  

Is it typical to have a constant carb ratio or a varying carb to unit ratio?
I have heard that there could be a diurnal pattern to insulin performance in
dropping blood sugars. but it seem logical to have a constant carb to unit
ratio.  Yes, this diabetes and perhaps I should stop trying to apply logic.
I am an engineer I don't have many other tools.

Curtis Lomax
Staff Mechanical Engineer
Molecular Dynamics
928 E Arques Ave
Sunnyvale, Ca 94086


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