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[IP] Joanne Spotten

Joanne, I never liked sleeping with a waist belt either.  I made myself a
leg garter by sewing some velcro to the ends of a piece of wide soft
elastic.  I wrap the velcro together around my tigh and use the clip belt
to keep the pump on the 'garter.'  I wrap a small piece of soft material
around the velcro afterwards so that no velcro touches my skin.  I could
have just sewn a circle of elastic rather than close the loop using velcro
but I wanted to allow myself the ability to adjust the width more easily.
I push the garter down my leg a little so it doesn't cut off my circulation
when I sleep and I pull it up my leg when I need to go to the bathroom etc.
   I find that I can twist the garter around so that the pump is never in
the way when I sleep, no matter which side I lie on or if I decide to lie
on my stomach or back.  I also find a black lace garter allows me to
indulge in other 'bedtime activities' without disconnecting the pump and so
I never have to remember to reconnect afterwards.
I think you can buy leg garters from Minimed but this is cheaper.  All this
cost me was a few dollars for some wide black elastic, some velcro and a
bit of lace.  I am not good at sewing but it only took me about half an
hour to make my own garter.     

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