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Re: [IP] MM vs. D

Susan, why would you want a second pump to sit on the shelf?  They have
some weird law in Germany/Switzerland that requires two pumps--maybe the
overnight delivery is not reliable all over Europe, or maybe they had such
a poor reliablity track record--who knows.  But in this country both pumps
seem incredibly reliable with failures almost unheard of, and if your MM
totally crashed, you'd just have to give yourself a few injections to tide
you over till the next day.   So to me it seems a waste to have a second
insulin pump.  Now maybe if Ford or GM got on to that bandwagon and gave us
all a second car, that would make some sense!!!!
	The only way to get a second pump from MM if you still thought it
was needed, would be to buy it.  No insurance will pay for it, nor should
they, as it is at best a luxury item.

What are the requirements for getting a second pump from
MiniMed?  How do you go about doing it?
Any help would be appreciated.

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