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Re: [IP] infection-need advise Thanks

In a message dated 7/30/99 10:43:26 AM, email @ redacted writes:

<< I have these infections quite often >>

I had several sites that had a little pus in them after I changed to the 
silhouette from the softset.  (None went to a bad enough infection to affect 
blood sugar).  After some pretty elaborate preparation rituals and using 
different products, I (for now, anyway) have settled on wiping the washed 
site with a benzalkonium cloride antiseptic towelette (and also cleaning my 
already washed hands with one) and then when that dries wiping with a Bard 
Protective Barrier Film wipe.  The towelette is cheap, the Bard wipe pretty 
expensive, but I am hoping to be able to order them with pump supplies and 
getting them covered by insurance in the same way that IV Prep was  (which 
was what I was using when I began getting these infections).

Evidentally for me the antibiotic on the softset was enough to make a 
difference in this, but I still find the silhouettes much more comfortable.

My endo's position was that if I am a staph carrier or something like that, 
taking oral antibiotics would only help while I was on them, so she would not 
prescribe them.   (Her suggestion was to go back to the softsets.)  I wonder 
if this is really a permanent problem, or whether one day I might find I can 
be less meticulous.

Linda Zottoli
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