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Re: [IP] Tape and Seizures


How long did you give the Depakote to work?  I have been on
it (as a mood stabilizer) for several years.  The first few
months were kind of fuzzy, like you describe, but after
that things settled down and it has been working great ever
since.  Of course YMMV.

Good luck.


--- email @ redacted wrote:
> I was put on Depakote which is a seizure medication, but
> I was not put on it 
> for seizures, I was put on it to stabilize my moods.  It
> made me really 
> fuzzy, I could not concentrate on my school work, I am
> better at 
> concentrating now that I am off of it, but the moodiness
> is back in full 
> swing.  Now that I think of it, this has nothing to do
> with having seizures, 
> just maybe watch the medication that it does not make
> your son a dope :-)   

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