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Re: [IP] infection-need advise

Nachtergaele Annelies wrote:
> I have been using the pump for about 2 years, I am one of the few getting
> infected sites.
> i have an infection on my left side so I changed my pump to the right side
> but yesterday it started hurting a lot and when I pulled it out a LOT of
> white puss just kept on coming out.
> My sugar was 415!!!! this morning 395!
> I am not feeling too well.
> I have given an extra shot of actrapid as well as bolused.
> Nothing happens.
> I have been high now for 3 days and not eating a lot. I am not going low
> but keep being high.
> My doctor is on vacation and my GP doen't know a lot about it.
> I have used a new vial of velosuline.
> Would ther be anybody with a bit of advise?
> Thank you


Sorry you're having so much trouble with the infections. Unfortunately
infections can keep your bg higher than expected even when you take more
insulin. One thing that comes to mind is that the new bottle of Velosulin
may have been degraded in shipment if it wasn't kept cool enough. You
might want to try another new bottle to be sure. I don't know how such 
things are handled in your country, but you might want to take it back 
to where you bought it and complain while asking for a new bottle to
replace it. It might also be a good idea to find another supplier that
is more careful (if my idea is right).

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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