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[IP] Help: Sils and Softsets

Just started with a new pump on Wednesday am I'm having some problems with
infusion sets. First off, I'm thin; 5'11" 160 lbs. I don't have much body
fat at all. On Wednesday I put in my first softset, it felt weird. About 5
hours later it hurt, not really bad, just unconfortable. I talked with my
CDE and since I was just messing around with saline she told me to take it
out and try it later in the day. That night I tried out a sil. I put it in
at about 45 degrees and everything was ok, I went to be shortly after (a
bad practice, I know) Everything was fine until about 2pm the next day (I
had the sil in for 14 hours). I called my CDE, and again she advised me to
pull it out and try a 'fattier' spot, unfortunately I don't have many of
them :) I kept the sil in until 11:30pm toughing it out throught the day,
just a bit uncomfortable. Last night I tried yet another sil, this time on
the other side of my stomach and at a smaller angle. Needless to say I
only lasted about an hour before the pain was unbearable.

What is it that I'm doing wrong? My CDE recommended the softseter with
softsets but I'm really not ok with it. The softsets seem to be too deep
and the straw like needle that comes with them doesn't make me very happy.

Any help?

Jef Lepine
REALLY trying to pump, but those damn sets aren't making me happy.

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