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Re: [IP] loss of medicaid

In a message dated 7/29/99 10:05:22 AM EST, email @ redacted writes:

<< Hello Ted, well one question I want to ask is how your daughter got on
 disability in the first place ! I am not even saying its wrong for her to be
 on disability I am just saying how? I tried for 2 yrs to get disability
 because I had a heart attack because of my blood sugar , I could not keep a
 job and I had no insurance oh yea and when this happened I was 26 yrs old.
 Although I do not want it now I would still like to here your story I am
 married now and have fantastic insurance but back then I did not know what
 to do and I could not keep a job because my blsg were so messed up and I had
 no doctor . Just asking kind of being nosy!!!! Lisa >>
 I think you're writing to me , not TEd. My daughter got on disability due to 
the hypoglycemic grandmal seizures she was having because of very poor 
control. Now with the pump we have control, no more seizures no more 
disability, no more insurance. End of story. Doreen-mom of 2 pumpers
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