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Re: [IP] jessica's supplies

"Nita H." wrote:
> This is the extent of what we get every month.  I have the medical supply
> house trying to push through an order by closing tomorrow, but she doesn't
> know if medicaid will pay for more than a month, if at all.  My ex husband
> is trying to get the kids covered also, but then I don't know what insurance
> he has and whether it will cover pump supplies.  This is all so frustrating!
> I have emailed my situation to President Clinton, Senator Gramm, Senator
> Hutchison, and Rep. Brady, all representing this area of Texas.  I don't
> know if I will get a response, but if I do, I wil post it here so everyone
> can see what attitudes we are all up against.  

A small suggestion about this: e-mail seems to be the easiest thing for
Congresscritters and other oficials to ignore, at least in most cases and 
places. I'd suggest calling your Senators and Representatives offices and
tell them all about it in grief stricken tones. They pay a LOT more
attention to that, especially if you do it repeatedly.... and have 
friends, neighbors or whoever ALSO call them. Squeaky wheels get the grease,
as the saying goes, and polititions offices respond to how many calls
come in on a subject LIVE.

E-mail is unfortunately just too new for most of them, so it gets ignored

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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