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Re: [IP] Comfort/Sofset trade policy?

Brian Rhodes wrote:
> Thanks to this mailing list, I have just now tried Comfort infusion
> sets.  I was always irritated by the long cannula on the SofSets,
> hitting my abdominal wall, (the insertion needle was killer!) and
> such...
> If memory serves correctly, long ago someone mentioned a return policy
> MiniMed offers for infusion set trades-  I have a 2 months supply of
> SofSets and am anxious to start using Comforts as a primary set.  Can I
> just call MiniMed to send old ones back?

Well, yes, but it would probably work better if you ask for Silhouettes,
the version of Comforts sold by MiniMed. So many names for the same thing.....

Ted Quick
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