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[IP] infection-need advise

Hi All,

I have been using the pump for about 2 years, I am one of the few getting
infected sites.
i have an infection on my left side so I changed my pump to the right side
but yesterday it started hurting a lot and when I pulled it out a LOT of
white puss just kept on coming out.
My sugar was 415!!!! this morning 395!
I am not feeling too well.
I have given an extra shot of actrapid as well as bolused.
Nothing happens.
I have been high now for 3 days and not eating a lot. I am not going low
but keep being high.
My doctor is on vacation and my GP doen't know a lot about it.
I have used a new vial of velosuline.
Would ther be anybody with a bit of advise?
Thank you
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