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Re: [IP] MM vs. D

In msg02430 dated Thu, 29 Jul 1999 21:30:19 EDT,
email @ redacted wrote :
<< I guess you don't have to send it back, ... >>
in answering the question from
email @ redacted :
<< Is it true that you have to send disetronic back ? >>

Actually you DO have to send it back if you want to "keep pumping D"

Most Disetronic-users never quite get to the "it won't run any more"
point, because we have had 4 "warning messages" over the preceding
8 weeks which DID NOT stop the pump, just raised the alarming error
messages warning of the impending apocalypse:
Each at NOON on the day that
Error 88 = 8 weeks remain.
Error 86 = 6 weeks remain.
Error 84 = 4 weeks remain.
Error 82 = 2 weeks remain.
These occurred for me anywhere from 15 to 17 days apart,
I suspect re-started on counting a day when stopped while loading a 
newly-filled 315 unit cartridge.

Since we (usually) have 2 pumps, and should have been alternating
between them a few times a year, we should have several weeks of
usage remaining on each unit when the first 8X warning occurs.
Some might have used up one pump first, then switched to the other.

Then if one has not yet "taken the hint" and switched to the other
while sending the one with "not much time left" back to Minneapolis:
Error 09 = STOP mode, one cannot switch to run mode.

The ONLY insulin emission it can do now is with the "PRIME" function
I described a few messages back.( msg02433.html Re: Priming question)
NOT for use while pump is connected to your body.

So I've been using NPH since last Saturday !

The newer H-Tron Plus may behave slightly differently in these matters
Mine were the 6+ years old H-Tron, and I expect to have something
from Minneapolis on my chest again in a few days.

I understand this 2-pumps and fixed-length allowed-usage was
required to distribute the pumps in Germany, where a far-larger
proportion of insulin-users are "pumpträger" than in US.
And of MM-users traveling out of USA getting similar 2-pump
supply if they ASK for it, has been written-of here recently.

David C. Winegarden
Fremont, CA

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