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[IP] Tape and Seizures

Hi Everyone,

    Well, here I am asking for help, yet again..... my 7 year old son ( dx'd 
at 19 months) is on the pump (since 5/10/99) and we are still having tape 
problems. This is the most frustrating part of the pump so far as we are only 
getting sites to last 2 days if we are lucky. Any help would be appreciated.
    Also, the doctors put my son on seizure medicine on Monday, they think he 
has an underlying seizure disorder, and that not all of his seizures are due 
to low sugars. Is there anyone else out on meds for seizures and has this 
helped, needless to say I am still learning to cope with this new 
development.  Thanks in advance for the help. Y'all are great!

Brandon's Mom
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