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Re: [IP] complications to the eyes

Dianne wrote"

>  What are the options if you don't have surgery on your 
> 'troubled' eye, say within the next 6 months?  

well he says I can wait as long as i want until i feel my quality of life is 
compromised...the only thing to worry about is the blood in there may pull on 
my retina enough to detach it.  

How compromised is too compromised?  I am still a contributing member at 
work, at the gym, to this list....it limits my night time activities such as 
going out dancing alone cuz I can't navigate in clubs with all those flashing 
lights...but is that a bad thing?  There is no way I could live anywhere that 
I couldn't walk to work, or get there on public transportation.  No WAY would 
I want to drive in traffic like this.

> Is there a point where waiting is more dangerous than not waiting?  I think 
> would give myself a finite time and set up some criteria for myself which 
> or may not include the doc's opinion.  

Well, there is issurance to consider... I have reached my deductible for the 
year and insurance ought to pay at least 80%, maybe more since it would 
definitely put me over my max out of pocket expenses. Except here in NYC, 
just about everything costs "over and above usual and customary" so they may 
willy nilly decide to not cover some things and I may have more out of pocket 
expense than I would if I waited til I didn't live here, which will be 
probably next June...

> How many close calls per week or month have I had?  

i have stopped counting...but they are about the same in number...they tend 
ot happen in bunches...like i almost get run over, then i crash into someone 
on the sidewalk, then I open the cabinet into my face...

> How bothersome are they on a scale of 1 to 5.  You know, with 5 
> being the heart pounding rendition and 1 being of the oops variety.  

you don't give me a "dammit to hell this is pissing me off" option

Thanks Dianne, and to the others who have offered words of support and 
advice...I do appreciate them and try to take what I can from them.  You all 
now I am not sitting here moping about.

Love, Sara
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