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Re: [IP] New word

At 05:56 PM 07/29/1999  Lori A. Willey wrote:
>Ok, I have seen a new word (?) here twice, and need to know what it stands 
>for please:  ROTFLMAO

Well, if you must know, it stands for Rolling On The Floor Laughing My A** 
Off. This is a more extreme version of ROTFL, which is just Rolling On the 
Floor Laughing. Please also note <vbg> which means Very Big Grin or LOL for 
Laughing out Loud. We often see *S* for Smile too. These are just shortcuts 
used on the net to give otherwise dry text some emotional content and to 
help identify humor. Often it can help prevent misunderstandings by showing 
the context of the words.


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