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Re: [IP] somewhat personal questions... (re: sex, please don't readif youmig...

Jess,  I never take my D pump off EXCEPT for sex.  I wear it in the shower, 
swimming, but not during sex BECAUSE I can't attach the thing to my naked 
body (LOL).  I am very active sexually and the pump definitely would 
interfere with aerobic sexual activity.  However, I use the tender so the 
pump can be disconnected easily and reattached afterwards without a problem.  
The tender/sil/comfort lies flat against your body so it doesn't get in the 
Also, I have so much more energy since I have gone on the pump 3+ years ago 
that we now have sex much more often.  
In conclusion, the pump will not change your sex life except perhaps make it 
even better.
Maybe they should put that last statement on the video (haha).  That might 
increase sales.  Good luck to you.
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