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Re: [IP] Priming question

Michael described 3 steps for priming MiniMed pumps,
I suspect Donna Triolo-Clarke may be using Disetronic,
for which the principles of priming remain the same, but the
"methods" differ slightly:

1&2) "manually prime" is NOT done by finger pushes, the syringe
"cartridge" is already inside the pump and you have informed the
H-Tron (original OR Plus) V100 , that it contains either the
standard 315 units or is "half filled" with 150 units.

1a) You have already screwed on the "adapter" holding the cartridge
into the pump. Pull off the "cap" from the Luer fitting at the
tip of the cartridge, now projecting through the adapter.

1b) Screw the infusion-set's Luer connector into the adapter's
Luer-lock threads, connecting the infusion set to the cartridge.
(The similar connection for MiniMed preceded Michael's #1 step)

2)  Is a shared "method", basically run the pump-motor with the
needle-end of the "NOT-inserted-into-body yet" infusion set
( even if it is a disconnected QR or Maersk ) in AIR until insulin
starts coming out the end.
The 15 to 20 units it takes to fill a long line was pushed manually
by MiniMed users at M#1.

Here for Disetronic, you are still in "STOP" mode. Push "S" button
once to first symbol on left-side of window, and numbers "9.9" will
show at bottom of window, with clock-time at top. You now have about
8 seconds to start PRIME-function by pushing ALL THREE buttons 
simultaneously. Repeat as necessary to run motor until you have
solid liquid filling line all the way to the end and droplets of
insulin are falling from the needle.
Usually convenient to stop with "S" button BEFORE the second
or third "priming" run finishes all 9.9 units.

3) Insert "human-end" of the infusion set,
Disetronic Hold BOTH top buttons "H & M" to switch to "RUN" mode.

No additional bolus generally indicated if you re-connect new
tubing to existing Maersk set (Tender/Silhouette/Comfort) or
conceivably, MiniMed QR.

For newly-inserted teflon sets, either SofSet or Maersk style,
now is the time, if you haven't already, to remove the
introducer needle, and as Michael and others here, and their
manufacturers/distributors suggest,

Bolus by same method you would for eating a small snack, insulin
to fill the airspace left by removal of the steel "introducer" needle. 
Michael called this "prime" in his #3,
0.5u      SofSet
0.75u    Tender/Sil/Comfort set
( Use either 0.8 or 1.0 as available on your machine )

Some of us often add more at this time , to pre-fill the
insulin-depot at this new insertion-site. Even with plain steel sets.
(One acquaintance of mine does 8 Units!)

4) Go about your business of living with your resumed continuous
subcutaneous insulin infusion according to your established programme.
( test, eat, bolus, test, test ...)

David C. Winegarden
Fremont, CA

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