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Re: [IP] reservoir fizz

 describe as "fizz" along the walls. No bubble problems when I set it
> up, only the next day. This has led to bubbles in the tubing and
> unexpected highs, and has proved to be difficult to resolve short of
> changing the set. The only variable I can come up with is that I'm
> on vacation, it's been hot, and I'm not in an air-conditioned
> environment. Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.

The insulin is outgassing because of the warmer temperature. There 
are a couple of things you can do to eliminate the problem.

1) let the insulin bottle come up to room temperature before loading 
the syringe

2) load the syringe the day before and let it sit out. Then de-bubble 
it before you put it in the pump.

3) Don't put so much air in the insulin bottle (keep the pressure 
lower but not zero).
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