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[IP] Donating blood!!>>>??

Gianna wrote:
Hi, I read your post and was surprised!  I asked at a local blood drive 
whether diabetics could donate blood and they said no, because of harm to 
the recipient and to me.  They told me they didn't want to risk anything
that taking blood from me would upset the way the insulin was working in my

system.  I would love to be able to donate blood--help!! who is right?

Sorry if my post mislead you into believing that I was diabetic and able to
give blood. I am not, but my 14 y/o daughter is. However, she has come with
me on occasion when I donate and we asked the nurse if the Red Cross would
take blood from diabetics. She stated that as long as they are in control
and meet all the other stringent requirements of blood donation, they could
I am adding this next paragraph after reading Michael's post to your same
We live in Michigan and it appears that different areas of the country have
different rules in this regard.
 I called the Red Cross today (i-800-give life) to verify the nurses'
statement and they stated that as long as the diabetes is controlled by
diet, medication, or insulin, they will take blood. 

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