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Re: [IP] camps.... (warning: rant alert!)

> so, there has been a lot of discussion of camps recently, and
> although i hope much has changed in the last nine years i must warn
> parents that my diabetes camp experience was something akin to
> hellish....
> \begin rant
> the camp's policy was to
> have all insulin adjustments made by the camp physician...  (while
> there were many reasonable answers for why this was the camp's
> policy i ended up feeling that it was counter productive,> \end rant
> -jess
> (who will now step down off her soap box, sorry....)
While our experience was not this bad, Lily found that because she 
was the ONLY pumper (except for a couple of counselers) that all the 
MDI restrictions were imposed on her even though there was no reason 
she needed to do this. She quit going to diabetes camp primarily 
because of this and has gone to a regular camp every year for 3 ?? 4 
years now (can't remember). She will be a counseler herself this 
year. There are occasionally other kids with diabetes there, but none 
with pumps so far. It's been an excellent experience for her and the 
camp staff has been very accomodating. "Mountain Camp" based in San 
Francisco and operating a camp on a BIG lake up in the Sierras.
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