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Re: [IP] MM vs. D

I, personnally don't believe this is a big problem. Why?  Well I don't 
remeber when I took a shot of .5 or .1 units while on MDI therapy.  The D is 
my preference since you get a basal drip every 3 minutes or 20 time an hour 
and you have the capacity to program each hour with a different basal rate 
if you need to.  In addition the reduction in basal rate for exercise is 
really convenient!

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>Subject: Re: [IP] MM vs. D
>Date: Thu, 29 Jul 1999 09:40:43 EDT
># My friend tells me D does not allow bolus doses other than in multiples
>of .5, which I sort of find hard to believe. M allows bolus doses of .1 or
>I believe you can have the D programmed to decrease the bolus dose into
>multiples of  0.1.  I think that it is just preprogrammed at the 0.5 bolus
>I know I'll be corrected if I'm wrong...lol
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