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Re: [IP] RE:(IP) Donating Blood

I have been told that as a person with diabetes, we are able to donate 
platelets.  I have also done so.  Anyone??

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>Subject: [IP] RE:(IP) Donating Blood
>Date: Thu, 29 Jul 1999 07:17:57 EDT
><< I asked at a local blood drive whether diabetics could donate blood and
>they said no, because of harm to the recipient and to me.  They told me 
>didn't want to risk anything and that taking blood from me would upset the
>way the insulin was working in my system.  I would love to be able to 
>blood--help!! who is right?>>
>Has anyone located a copy of the Red Cross policy ...in print...that states
>this? Just a thought. I think I'll check on the Blood Bank of Delaware 
>and see what they have to say.
>Barbara B.
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