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Re: [IP] Good news and not so good news

    You'll soon see that one of the many common threads in this IP group is 
that as the patient became more empowered & asserted his or her rights to be 
treated as an intelligent "partner" in managing diabetes, the doctors often 
became stubbornly resistant/ resentful and created obstacles to altering the 
established treatment plan. Many of us have reluctantly & sheepishly left one 
endocrinologist, only to find that a new one favored a completely different, 
more proactive approach to self-care, allowing the patient the leeway to be 
an active participant. The horror stories I've heard over the years are 
mind-boggling & sadly, the phenomenal endos are few & far between...but the 
times, they are -a-changing..........the power to make choices is passing to 
the patients, where it should be!!! I just heard an encouraging story about a 
doctor who refused to put any kids on pumps 18 months ago. When the mutual 
contact saw him 6 months ago, she was stunned to find he had nearly 50 kids 
on pumps!! After managing to shut her gaping mouth, she asked WHY!!!...his 
answer: simple - He had so many parents DEMANDING the pump that he couldn't 
just keep objecting & once he started, he was so in awe of the improvement, 
that he just keep prescribing pumps!!!!......
      So, don't waste any psychic energy worrying about leaving your old 
endo......if we all took our cars to an auto mechanic & the car continued to 
break down, we wouldn't think twice about switching to someone else! Everyone 
who shoulders the demands of living with diabetes 24/7 DESERVES to be as 
"tuned-up" as possible for maximum functioning at top speed!!!

Regards, Renee ( 16 yr old Melissa's pump-coach mom)
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