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Re: [IP] Good news and not so good news

Hi.  I just wanted to say that i sympathize with your endo problems.  We are 
in the process of switching doctors because the ones I am with now refuse to 
explain things to me.  They are pediatric endos, but I am 17 (still 
technically in pediatrics) and they act like I'm about 3.  Each time I bring 
up a concern, they trivialize it.  they won't tell my mother the reasons why 
I am having certain tests and not having others.  I see a different team 
doctor every time.  They are not encouraging me to keep tight control, in 
fact they wanted my A1C of 7.8 to be higher because they are deathly afraid 
of lows.  SOOO frustrating . .. so you can see why I am switching.  Besides 
they only have 2 patients on the pump and the new person I might see has 
many more . . . .it's hard to wait though . . .--gianna

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>Subject: [IP] Good news and not so good news
>Date: Thu, 29 Jul 1999 14:10:52 EDT
>Well, I took my son Josh back to his new endo today and she is going to 
>the process of getting a pump.  He will have a four hour education session
>and then he will take a pump home and wear it with saline for a few days to
>see if he likes it.  If all goes well, he will get a pump of his own!!  The
>bad news is that he has Grade I nephropathy due to his eight years of poor
>control.  His old endo had never done a 24 hour urine.  Also, he had a 
>A1c done and it was 8.6.  It was 9.2 when he first went to this doctor July
>8.  His former endo had done a capillary A1c a few weeks before we switched
>doctors and it was 7.8.  I wondered how that could be correct when his 
>sugars were so out of whack, and now I know that the capillary A1c's are 
>as accurate.   So, even though I am excited that a pump may be on the 
>(at last), I am very upset about the lack of care he received before from a
>well- respected pediatric endo.  His new doctor says she believes this
>nephropathy is reversible and he will have another 24 hour urine done in a
>month.  We will see how it goes- meanwhile, keep us in your prayers.
>Thanks-  Annette
>P.S.  For those of you who are from KY-  we live in Louisville.
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