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[IP] Re: Hello, and we have a project


The url you listed does not work if you click on it from within your
email message.   Here is the correct url:



Michael wrote:
> Thank you for responding to my plea fro writers AND sorry it's taken
> me so long to get back to you. I appreciate your assistance. I have
> 14 responses and this message is going to all of you. I can create a
> mini-mail list if you wish to correspond amongst yourselves as you
> work on a project. The projects are individual, but the link might be
> useful for ideas, proofing and analysis prior to submitting an
> article. Let me know as it only take a few minutes to set up the
> small list.
> Today there was a major article (half page) in the Boston Globe by
> staff writer Richard Knox. Here is their referral blurb, please look
> at the text of the article.
> --------------------------------------------------
> The following story appeared in The Globe Online:
> Date: 07/29/99
> Headline: Doctors hit HMOs on denials of care
> Story Intro:
> Just as the US House was poised to take up the contentious matter of
> patients' rights, a national survey of doctors and nurses has
> concluded that HMOs often refuse to cover care, with serious
> consequences for patients much of the time.
> If you're interested in the rest of this story point your
> web browser to:
> (url is cut)
> http://www.boston.com/dailyglobe2/210/nation/
> Doctors_hit_HMOs_on_denials_of_care+.shtml (You can easily copy and
> paste the URL above into the location line of your browser.
> ----------------------------------------------------
> Frequently on our list there are threads about denial of service, the
> most recent was yesterday
> (url is cut)
> http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/cgi/archives/mail-insulin-pumpers/
> Jul1999/msg02284.html
> This is the plan. Taking the subject matter of "Denial of Service".
> Find a suitable topic from our archive, contact and interview the
> "victim" and put together a human interest story about the impact of
> this denial and/or how ridiculous it is. Contact your local "major"
> paper and refer to the Boston Globe article. Submit your story to the
> local as background material for a follow up story.
> Please end them all with
> "If you have a child with diabetes or you have diabetes and would
> like more information about insulin pumps, contact:
> www.insulin-pumpers.org" and your byline.
> I am corresponding with a lady somewhere near Seattle who is not an
> IP member. She has been denied an insulin pump for her child an is
> currently jumping through the appeal hoops. She is very discouraged.
> I will try to get her permission and contact information for a follow
> up story as above. I'll keep you posted on any response I receive.
> Michael
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