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Re: [IP] Carb counting vs Calorie counting

Steve, since the insulin requirements for metabolism or carb (100%), fat
(5%), and protein (20-50%) are all very different, and since the number of
calories per gram you get from fat is almost double that from carb and
protein,  it doesn't make too much sense to bolus for calories.  I think
that the reason 1:15 doesn't work for you is probably the amount of protein
that you need insulin for.   Having said that, though, if your diet is
well mixed and fairly consistent, and you've got a formula that works
reliably for you,  you probably ought to stick with it.

<<<<<<Is anyone out there using calorie counting instead of or to supplement
their Carb counting. I have been using 100 - 110 calories per unit of
Humalog for years. When I try to shift to just carb counting at 1:12 or
15 I have trouble covering the meals.
Does anyone have similar experience.
Stephen Woodward>>>>>>>>>>

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