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Ellen, when I was a kid they said ice cream was the only dessert that  I
was allowed, but never more than once per day.  Seemed to make sense to me
then, since I loved/love ice cream, but there's just no medical or
scientific justification for it.   Maybe "they" figured a dish of ice cream
was better than a box of Oreos.  But now it does seem so simple that one
wonders how "they" could have been so dumb.  *S*

<< I have learned from logging when I eat ice cream, HOW
 to do it and never have my blood sugar go beyond 150-160! >>

<I have found that ice cream is one of the easiest foods to bolus for.  I
<remember as a child I was only suppose to have ice cream once a week.  It
<seems so ridiculous now.  ellen

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