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Re: [IP] Disetronic Versus Minimed and other info

At 08:47 AM 7/29/1999  Todd Pearson wrote:

>I totally can understand the feeling around a waterproof pump, and I like 
>the idea of the user getting 2 pumps, but the MM pump is for me, I would 
>rather have the multiple options for delivery of insulin! To many 
>different foods out there and they absorb at different rates within each 
>of us. I would rather have better control, then worry about water.
>As I said above, we all have our likes and dislikes, that just happens to 
>be why I like the MM pump. But, either way we go, it is still a pump and 
>it is making our everyday lives so much better and happier!!!

Now, all we need is a company to make a pump that includes the best 
features of both, so we don't have to choose!!  Anyone have any access to a 
major, huge pile of start-up money?? I'll bet you that us pumpers could 
design a better pump... after all, who would know better what we need. 
Right?? :-)


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