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[IP] Good news and not so good news

Well, I took my son Josh back to his new endo today and she is going to start 
the process of getting a pump.  He will have a four hour education session 
and then he will take a pump home and wear it with saline for a few days to 
see if he likes it.  If all goes well, he will get a pump of his own!!  The 
bad news is that he has Grade I nephropathy due to his eight years of poor 
control.  His old endo had never done a 24 hour urine.  Also, he had a venous 
A1c done and it was 8.6.  It was 9.2 when he first went to this doctor July 
8.  His former endo had done a capillary A1c a few weeks before we switched 
doctors and it was 7.8.  I wondered how that could be correct when his blood 
sugars were so out of whack, and now I know that the capillary A1c's are not 
as accurate.   So, even though I am excited that a pump may be on the horizon 
(at last), I am very upset about the lack of care he received before from a 
well- respected pediatric endo.  His new doctor says she believes this 
nephropathy is reversible and he will have another 24 hour urine done in a 
month.  We will see how it goes- meanwhile, keep us in your prayers.   
Thanks-  Annette
P.S.  For those of you who are from KY-  we live in Louisville.
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