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[IP] complications to the eyes

John wrote:

> I have had eye complications for about 3 years.Ihave had a lot of laser
> surgery on both eyes. The eye doctor tells me the eyes will claer up, for
> the past 1.5 years.Any ideas?

I only had diabetes 16 years before I started showing "changes" in my 
eyes...and I went from Stage 2 "condition" to Stage 3 "disease" with massive 
bleeds in the period of months.  I had my first laser in May 1990, my first 
bleed in December 1990 (in the eye that wasn't lasered).  I had 3.5 years of 
laser in that eye, during which time I went on the pump (3/93).  When I went 
on the pump, I was NOT told that stricter control sometimes led to a 
WORSENING of retinopathy, which for some people it does...And for me, I went 
from an A1C of over 8 to 5.9 in 3 months!!!  "They" say that after some time 
of improved control, then the retinopathy improves...well, my first year on 
the pump with super tight control and more lows led to a LOT more bleeds.  I 
eventually had a vitrectomy in 1994, and had a year of no problems...I also 
raised my target range from 80-120 to 100-150 in order to avoid bleed-causing 

Then in 1995 my "good" eye started bleeding (this is the one that was lasered 
first, back in 1990), and it is the one that is in need of a vitrectomy now...

HOWEVER...for the past few years, my doctors have been telling me that I DO 
NOT HAVE ANY NEW GROWTH, thanks to my improved control...so yes, the 
retinopathy is regressing...it is not going away, but no new growth is a GOOD 
thing.  I am bleeding now, cuz my vitreous is pulling away from the retina, 
kinda like when you pick at a scab and the wound begins to bleed again.  No 
amount of perfect blood sugars can stop that.

So here is my dilemma...My right eye has not cleared since the last time it 
bled in May.  This is the first time it has NOT cleared on its own, and it is 
at this point in 1994 when I had the vitrectomy in my left eye.  The eye 
doctor says it is my decision when to do it, and the last time I saw him, he 
said if I was his sister, he'd say wait.  I ask my self is my quality of life 
diminished to the point that I want to risk this surgery, that is not always 
100% guaranteed?  I have almost been run over several times by cars that come 
out of "nowhere," I bump into people who "sneak" up on my blind side, I have 
walked into open doors and cabinets.  My left eye does all the seeing right 
now, but due to the vitrectomy, and the ensuing cataract surgery, I can't 
read the phone book and doing my needlework gives me a headache and I have 
lost some blue/green color distinction, which  makes my needlework look 
funny...and it is kinda double vision ...on top of that, the pupil is 
permanently dilated and no longer round.  Because I can't see out of the 
right eye, I have noticed a tendancy for my eyes to kind of cross when I am 
concentrating or working out...It just kinda drifts off...must be REAL 

I weigh all that and come up with.....I don't know what to do...

please tell me what to do...make my decision for me, call my doctor and make 
the appointment, come stay with me while I have it done...dammit I need my 

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