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[IP] Carb counting vs Calorie counting

Stephen wrote:

> I have been using 100 - 110 calories per unit of Humalog for years.
> When I try to shift to just carb counting at 1:12 or 15 I have trouble 
> covering the meals.

If I covered for calories as opposed to carbs, there are certain times, when 
I would be taking WAY too much insulin.  As you all know, one fat gram has 
NINE calories as opposed to a carb or protein gram which only has FOUR 
calories.  That 1/2 cup of Mocha Chip Haagen Daaz last night had about 35 
grams of carb (35 x 4 = 140 calories), and 28 grams of fat (28 x 9 = 252 
calories).  Since I normally only bolus up front for part of the carb, and 
use a temp basal rate to cover the rest of the carb slowed by fat, I would 
have WAYYYY over bolused...assuming 100 calories per unit, a bolus for these 
392 calories would have been 3.9....I would have crashed 2 hours later...then 
4 hours after that not only would I be high from the uncovered fat, I would 
also be rebounding...

Most of my "meals" are not this high in fat, but I think many people could 
run into trouble if they calorie counted rather than carb counted...but as 
they always say, YMMV - and what works for you may not work for someone else!

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