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Michael wrote:

> You've got more will power than I. I would have pigged the 
> whole thing!

Well, the snappy answer that pops into my caffeinated-brain is, "well YOU 
don't have diabetes"  but then I realize, hey I have an insulin pump, I know 
the carb and fat counts and how to adjust for them, so I guess THAT snappy 
answer is no longer a good excuse....HOWEVER, since I "am" trying to lose 
weight....I did manage to hang on to a modicum of restraint...

Of course that was shot to hell last night, when I said heck with the gym, 
heck with paying bills, heck with cleaning my room...I am gonna be a couch 
potato tonight and watch South Park and eat the rest of that pint...

and I did


Sara   *-)=B xoxx~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[507]

this is me with my blood filled eye, lovely smile, long neck, droopy boobs, 
scar around my belly button and the long tubing I am using this week on my 
BLACK 507!
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