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[IP] jessica's supplies

I have been asked several times to post what supplies Jessica uses so here
it is....

6mm Rapids
glass cartridges
IV3000 tape
batteries (of course)
Humalog insulin

This is the extent of what we get every month.  I have the medical supply
house trying to push through an order by closing tomorrow, but she doesn't
know if medicaid will pay for more than a month, if at all.  My ex husband
is trying to get the kids covered also, but then I don't know what insurance
he has and whether it will cover pump supplies.  This is all so frustrating!
I have emailed my situation to President Clinton, Senator Gramm, Senator
Hutchison, and Rep. Brady, all representing this area of Texas.  I don't
know if I will get a response, but if I do, I wil post it here so everyone
can see what attitudes we are all up against.  Again, thanks for all the
kind words of support...somehow we will survive this.

Mom of Jessica, age 7, diagnosed @ 9 months, pumping 1 year 

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