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Re: [IP] another day with diabetes unfolds. . . .


sounds like you are indeed ready for this technology.

you won't feel the lows while eating and bolusing, according to daughter

> one more thing, I am interested in being a counselor at a diabetes camp
> next summer but only a short one, a few weeks at most. Can anyone tell me
> some good ones in the new england or mid atlantic area?

if you would love to see CA and Sierras,  Bearskin Meadows is located in
Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks in the mountains and is near
Yosemite also.
There are quite a number of new pumping counselors this summer  and of
course a lot more kids pumping also.  It is a gorgeous camp and the staff
are educated and terrific.  Most from the bay area.

If I am not mistaken, if airfare is a problem, the camps will pay for it.
(through grants and contributions and such).  This is for the counselors

Ruth in CA

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