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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #322/Bad Insulin

Kathy,  I had the same thing happen this summer.  I used a new bottle of 
Humalog and my bgs were high.  I finally changed bottles and my bgs came down 
to normal.  Sometimes I have unexplained highs, but this seemed different.  
It was not a week before my period when I routinely go up.  It also was not 
that high--200's, but I was taking alot of extra insulin.  This bottle came 
from the frig so it was not heat related.  I have never had a problem with 
Humalog going bad in my cartridge (even at the beach) and I use one cartridge 
for about 11 days.
Anyway, I took the bottle back to CVS pharmacy and asked them if they could 
test this insulin to see if it was bad.  They said they couldn't and gave me 
another bottle.  I was disappointed because I really was not positive that 
the insulin was bad.  I thought it was, but I wanted to be sure.  Wild 
fluctuations in bg do happen to me occassionally.  
My suggestion would be to try a new bottle and see what happens.
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