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[IP] another day with diabetes unfolds. . . .

hi everyone . . .just felt like writing. I am thrilled and totally convinced 
that when I eventually get my pump, i will be so much better~!!!  -reason:  
last sunday I went to a wedding where the dinner lasted about three hours 
(ahh, italian weddings :)   I didn't want to give the whole bolus right away 
because I would have gone low during dinner.  So I started with 2 units for 
the soup/salad, then 5 units for the prime rib, string beans, and potatos.  
Then, 3 more units for the cheescake . . .mmmmmm....  I guess i was sort of 
imitating an extended bolus of sorts, also that meant that there was humalog 
peaking through the whole meal, like witha pump??  And the point of this 
story??  My blood sugar started at 82.  The highest it went after the 
potatos and beans etc.  was 144!!!!!!!!!   then, 45 minutes after the 
(regular, made with sugar) cheescake, it was 115!  At bed time I was at 100. 
  Woke up next morning at 117.   A preview of pump succes to come, I 
	Of course, this morning, my parents went to martha's vinyard and i decided 
to stay home.  Well.  At 8:30 my neighbor came over to check on me and make 
sure I was OK.  then at 9:00 my cousin called to make sure I was ok.  Then 
at 9:30 my neighbor called me to make sure I was OK . . .turns out my mother 
had arranged this whole schedule the night before . . .i wonder what she'll 
do when I go to college . . .
	one more thing, I am interested in being a counselor at a diabetes camp 
next summer but only a short one, a few weeks at most. Can anyone tell me 
some good ones in the new england or mid atlantic area?  thanks!!  ---gianna

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