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[IP] Disetronic or Minimed?

To all those asking about which pump to get:
Get both videos and decide which one better suits your lifestyle.  The 
majority of people at this site love their pumps, whichever they have.  They 
both work well.  The problem with your inquiry is that there is NO right 
answer.  Some of us pick D because it is waterproof, some of us pick MM 
because of the square wave/dual wave feature, some of us pick one because of 
the way it looks.  Some of us even go with our dr's advice (LOL).  As others 
have said here before, there is no wrong decision or right decision.  It is 
just finding a pump that fits your lifestyle.  
Personally, it was very easy for me.  I swim laps so I picked the D pump.  I 
have no regrets.  It has performed beautifully.
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